Deluxe Wellness Shields

In response to COVID-19 and new safety regulations for the workplace, we at Deluxe Design have been fabricating Deluxe Wellness Shields (DWS). These shields are creative and custom solutions that promote safe spaces for employees, patrons, visitors, and students. The DWS establishes a physical barrier for people interacting with each other in close spaces.

Our experienced project management and install teams work directly with our clients to ensure DWS's are attractive, durable, and custom fabricated to fit existing surfaces in pre-existing spaces, both indoor and outdoor, and even in vehicles.

Multiple mounting options include free standing movable shields, hanging shields, and more permanent installs with bolting hardware, feet, and stands.

We also offer custom routing, etching, and printing options. These are great ways to show safety messaging, add artistic flair, or show your logo. We love helping clients get creative with DWS's to guarantee they match your brand and the architectural design elements of your office, restaurant, school, or retail space.

Some Materials used to produce these shields include 1/4'' and 1/8'' acrylic, PET-G plastics, and Aluminum Composites. By combining these materials we are able to build unique and definitive pieces designed specifically for the space. These are durable materials that are also easy to clean.

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Deluxe Wellness Shields - Standing Acrylic, Classroom Dividers, Hanging Acrylic
Deluxe Wellness Shields - ACM Trifold, Rideshare Vehicle Acrylic