Floor Graphics

Floor decals are a great way to add wayfinding, branding and advertising. These decals feature a durable and are slip-resistant finish that will stand up to foot traffic and prevent you and your patrons from injury. Our floor graphics are great for indoor and outdoor use on many types of surfaces. Floor Graphics are a great way to help guide patrons at your event around a more complicated site. They also are attention grabbing to help promote marketing efforts in crowded spaces with lots of foot traffic. Our floor graphics are easy to apply and can cover as much ground as you need. From a small social distancing decal to covering an entire stage or dance floor. We also can produce these stickers as square, round, or contour cut.     Research shows that floor graphics are slightly effective in increasing likelihood of purchase and greatly effective in stopping walkers and getting buyer to start browsing. Floor graphics are also great at helping define spaces to help at your site. If there is an area that must always remain clear, such as an emergency exit, floor stickers help define the exact space.  Don’t just use the floor graphics for social distancing, start designing your own sticker today.